Gael Moissonnier is a French self-tough experimental musician and sound artist. Musical interests focus on fully immersive physical sound situations and psychoacoustic phenomenas. Constantly improvised and always spontaneous, live acts are built with psychoactive rhythmic patterns, sine wave driven meditative drones, thick and noisy processed field recordings, that in a good day should provoke altered states of conciousness and orbit one´s head.

Proactively involved in the underground scene since early 2000, he has been running the Lyon based venue Grrrnd Zero (2005-2010) and the Zerojardins label (since 2006), organised hundreds of shows and collaborates/collaborated with Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat), Simon Deterne (8.0), Ben Morris ( Lost Wax, Chora), Pascal Nichols (Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides), Samuel Moncharmont (Baton Rouge), Julien Dupont, François Virot, Frank Garcia (Sheik Anorak, Gaffer Records), Ernest Bergez (Sourdure, Kaumwald) among others.

Recent releases include : «Live at Knot Gallery » 3" CD on Orila Records and « Miniatures / Synth Music » on Winebox Press.

Past performances include appearances at Audioblast Festival #3, Nantes, 2015; LUFF Festival, Lausanne, 2011; Chuuuuut ! Festival, Grim / Montévideo, Marseille, 2011; Kill Your Pop Festival, Dijon, 2009; Les Urbaines Festival, Lausanne, 2007; Les Instants Chavirés, Paris; Cave 12, Geneva; Oslo10, Basel; Garage Mu, Paris; Knot Gallery, Athens; ZDB, Lisboa; NK, Berlin.

Selected Discography


As Gael Moissonnier

Live at Knot Gallery - 3" CD, 2013, Orila Records
Miniatures / Synth Music - Tape, 2013, Winebox Press
→ Aktion #1 - Digital, 2013, Zerojardins
→ Karelball#26 - CD - 2012, Zerojardins

As Louvet + Moissonnier

Lyon; Metz - Tape, 2015, Celebration Tapes

With Motherfucking

2:13pm/Motherfucking/La 6eme Faute - LP, 2011, 213 Records
UK Tour CDr - CDr, 2009, Zerojardins

With Faux Amis

Faux Amis - LP, 2009, Zerojardins

As Maïa Sonnier

Happy Audio - CDr, 2004, Zerojardins

Image aléatoire
→ Motherfucking, Live at Les Trinitaires, Metz, France, 2013
   © Les Trinitaires


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